Pending transactions

Hello admin, I am a new user, I don’t understand why my promotion is not being processed even though I have increased the transaction fee but it still doesn’t work.

My address :0xd0e3Eada62Cbf069918b7a44982fBB4974075Af0

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Please try the steps mentioned on this guide.
It would be best to cancel any pending transactions if there is any.
But if not them re-import your wallet.

Please my transaction have been pending since yesterday, how can I cancel it . I tried the sending of 0eth and using the same nonce with the original transaction but its still pending.

What is your Trust Wallet version and your ETH address?
In order to cancel a pending transaction, you need to send 0 ETH to your own address and use the same nonce as the Pending transaction and use the highest recommended Gas price.

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