Phishing SCAM : Pancakeswap Finance

I would like to bring to your attention a phishing site that has come up to dupe investors of Real Pancakeswap.Finance

If you don’t know the address, you will search Pancakeswap on Google and the ad is served to you on the top and as usual most of the people click on the link that comes on the top.

When you click the link, it takes you an exact replica of the real website.

This is when you click on Trust Wallet to connect

THIS IS FAKE - A real website never asks you to do that.

This one was posted by a user on their Telegram Group

Correct address : Pancakeswap.Finance
**Fake address: Pancakeswap . io ** :no_entry_sign:

To be safe, always use the dApp browser link in the Trust Wallet to access Pancakeswap.

NEVER ever share your seed phrase/Private key with any website directly. Always use TrustWallet browser to connect. Be safe and happy holidays.


Thank you for these very important impormation. With these people will be warned and saved their money from these fake scam site.


This is not too good good awareness should be raised in other to curtail this impeding danger for the vulnerable ones amongst us.

Please @vipul19 need help I unstake part of my token instead of the minted token to be transfer to my wallet along with the park token I withdrew, it was only the unstake fraction of the token that was withdrawn while the minted token disappered and started counting all over again, and the minted one didn’t reflect on my wallet. What should I do?

I guess it’s a mistake?

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Can you please share your wallet address and transaction hash?

How i report an admin into the telegram group twt that take my id ban from all the twt groups ???

Could you please explain what you mean by reporting an admin?1


i get scamed by there is anyway to return the funds.
Please help me

My public adress 0x867Af22eD4fE906acCD8b5025C8f1c3de64F31aD
they took all my funds

Sorry to hear about that… But you were not scam by pancakeswap… U got scam by someone who created fake site in the name of pancakeswap

Sorry for the loss… But noting can be done concerning that


having great power comes with great responsibility so we have to take care of our secret phrases


Super true the power of decentralization is anomous.