Please fix this long lasting issue with this pegged XEC token that makes your users lose funds!

Hi, long time has passed since the XEC community requested a listing on Trust Wallet. Since then, we regularly get Trust Wallet users that either buy fake eCash scam tokens that are traded on your swaps or we have users who buy the Binance-pegged XEC token and face a token with no details, no logo and no price. Utterly confused, they then sell the token on the DEX again for a fraction of the real price, thinking it is a scam, because nothing seems to be beginner friendly on your platform, even though it is your main audience.

Please fix this issue, the eCash team cannot constantly act as support for Trust Wallet that does not even list eCash and refuses to do so, despite having a huge user base there.

Moreover, you are at this point accepting that your users are losing lots of money, because you can’t get a reliable eCash-Binance price api to work in the background, get the details of the pegged token correct or flag or hide obvious scam tokens from your DEX, that are clearly fraudulent replicas of real coins. This is not acceptable.

Please fix, thank you.

Hello @eKoush
Please lay a complaint at

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