PLEASE HELP! Not enough smart chain bnb to cover Network fees

Greetings community
i’ve transferred all my cryptos to my trust wallet but now im stuck with no bnb to cover network fee, and due to my country restrictions, I can’t buy more crypto with my credit card.
So please is there some way to solve that?


Hello, I can see that’s a common problem for trust wallet new users. And I guess the simple solution for that is to cover the network fees with existing assets by automatically swapping the right amount of fee from any existing crypto to bnb. The fee will cost more but still I’ll be happy to pay that rather than getting my crypto stuck especially when I’m living in a country with crypto restrictions.

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Hi @MedT,

To get Smart Chain BNB:

What country and exchange are you using right now? Perhaps, there can be more alternatives despite the restrictions.


@iamdeadlyz hello
Thank you for your answer, actually I’m in morocco, and the currency is Dirhams (MAD),
The thing is we are allowed to spend a 1000 $ per year in different currency as $ € or £, an so I already hit my limit. That’s it.

I dont understand the problem, you can buy bnb directly on the trustwallet you can even change your cureency to dirhams


@atlervetok Thanks sir, but the thing is due to the currency regulation in here, I can only change a limited amount of Dirhams to dollars or other currency, or simply buy things from outside of morocco. The max amount is around 1000$ per year, Unfortunately I’ve already reached my limit for this year, that’s why I can’t buy any bnb or other cryptos

Good day everyone. Please, I faced with the not enough bnb problem. Please, is it possible to send bnb from binance directly to bnb Smarth chain?

hi sir same issue facing what can i do i have funds in BUSD (BEP20) it will not allow me to swap BUSD to to pay network fee

Please, can I buy and send bnb from binance to bnb smart chain in trust wallet?

I mean directly without needing to swap it in trust wallet

@MedT, oh, I see. Does it apply to virtual banks as well? Like, prepaid virtual credit/debit cards?

@Samuelugo, yup, you can withdraw BNB from as BEP20 BSC to your Smart Chain address.

@adeel226, you need to have Smart Chain BNB first so you can transact.

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@iamdeadlyz well I can create an account on a virtual bank, but I can’t deposit any money on it, on the other hand, working with tourists since it’s a touristic country in here, I could get paid in $ € £¥, by selling stuff or guiding, so I keep the cash, then whenever I go to Spain (50 miles from here), I make the deposit, but since the beginning of the f**ing covid borders closed and no business.

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You only need $0.15 USD worth of BNB in order to support the transaction?

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@Skb yup exactly, and it was my fault i forgot to keep some bnb on my wallet, my bad

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