PLEASE HELP! Polymer Token - deposit frozen


I am about to loose several years of savings.
I deposit 30k usdt in several steps at the beginning of June on TrustWallet on DApps : https : //
My referal Id is : 0xD643E61A309d4CfE2BBba7a49885113b668f0d7E

But the support contact : [polymertoken01 arobass googlemail dot com] always request more money to unfreeze my account.

On 15 of June, their support told me that I bought 900 black usdt (on binance) and freeze my all deposits.
They requested then a deposit of 60% of the total amount deposit + harvest(which are growing everyday!)
After I deposit the new amount requested, they realized that I am from France and requested another 30% for French Governement to compmy with French regulation (but in France we pay taxes locally)
I hardlay managed to find funds.
After that I regularly deposit more funds to reach the 60% limit and the 30% tax deposit and didn’t successfully unfreeze my account!!
In their last email they said that the 60% deposit should have been done within 20 business days after the freeze and request another 60% deposit!!!
Is it a scam? why they didn’t explain that before,
I am going to loose several years of savings at the worst moment of my life

I would like to enclose exchanges with them as it is crazy!!!
Please see enclosed crazy exchanges I have with them. I am becoming made as I will loose more money I can afford.

So could someone help me??!!!

  1. Are my money locked at Binance level (polymertoken01 mentions that)? If yes who at Binance can help ?
  2. Can DApps request these 60% deposit to unfreeze an account ? (originally they said I bought some black usdt (only 900usdt) but they locked all the deposit
  3. Does Binance effectively request 30% pledge for French Authority? Can you please check? I asked to Binance and they told me to ask you.
  4. Is PolymerToken a project you follow on TrustWallet? Is it reliable or just a scam? Can you please check?
  5. Can you please give me the recourse contact at Binance or a way to fix this issue.

Thank you for your help

@Ayrton75 Trust wallet is simply a wallet for storing your crypto. Users are responsible for making research on projects that they invest. We neither provide financial advice.

About Binance and regulations, you have to contact Binance for support.

Hello @Alan47
Thank you fro your prompt answer but it doesn’t help me very much.
The contact adress I mentioned (polymertoken arobass g mail com) says that theyr are from trust wallet support. Is there a dedicated adress for each project?
Behind TrsutsWallet, it is Binance whoi is managing/freezing funds. Is Binance effectively requesting 30% tax deposit?
Could you please highlight me on all the questions I posted ?
Thank you

They are not. If they claim to be from Trust wallet, then they are 100% scammers.

As I told you above, about Binance issues, you have to contact Binance directly.

Trust wallet can’t freeze users funds as it is decentralized wallet. We don’t have access to users wallets.