Please Stop the spamming

Please we should try as much as possible to help the Trust team by keeping the community clean and stop the scamming, so many newbies are looking up to this community for guidance and help.

For instance if you do a Google search about an issue you are having maybe in your wallet, most solutions will redirect you here. If we don’t post relevant topics and post, how then will those problems be solved :man_shrugging:?

For those just concerned about leveling up or getting more likes by creating irrelevant post or topics for the purpose of the giveaway, am sorry to say you might miss out even the giveaway because it is governed by rules.

Although am not perfect, am still having some lapses which am still trying to correct. Correction comes when you notice your mistake. Do have a lovely day all :v:


This is indeed getting a bit annoying recently. I see so many posts being like “How about project xy?” “Difference between [two completely different projects]” , “What should I invest in” and the classical “Look, I reached certification”. And the answers are “very good project”, “couldnt agree more”, “you have to get this, its hot” “congrats man” and some other generic stuff that doesnt contribute anything to the space.

Feels like people just want to generate meaningless topics and replies to leech their way to higher member ranks. I really hope Trust does indeed check the accounts before handing out rewards. Luckily for the most obvious spam there’s still the report feature. :slightly_smiling_face:


We will certainly review and reward those who actually helped out other users.


Glad to see that there’s more and more people on this forum who are “battling” against the current spam situation. I’m very curios to see who is actually going to remain active here after the drop ends. Also, happy to see the trust staff finally getting involved.

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