Please use the correct target SOL token address

Me too. When sending KIN SPL to TRUST WALLET KIN SPL, it says [Ba29bY1yZ1mW9e9ddprjAgPmyMq6zZZfQZKG9wj8Y8L1]
[Please use the correct target SOL token address]

What can be wrong here?


Hi @vinbo,

Please read the response to that error here:

Then it is strange that I cannot sent KIN SPL from GATE.IO to TRUST KIN SPL?
Because I can sent KIN SPL form to SOLLET.IO

But we will wait and see…

Correct. Gate exchange have to configure their system to accept the wallet address from the Trust Wallet app.


I had the same problem. You are trying to deposit to your SOL address rather than your KIN address. Someone helped me by sending me KIN and then checking on the Solana ledger what the KIN address was. If you can get someone to send a small amount of KIN to your Solana address you should be able to retrieve your KIN address from the transaction.

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Please anytime I try to send BNB to any address is always showing This is a “watch only wallet” please what can I do??

@Alert_walker it seems you have imported wallet address instead of wallet recovery phrase. Import wallet recovery phrase to have full access of your wallet: How to Import a Wallet & Our Top Tips To Do So Securely