Polkadot address balance $1.5 billion?

So i opened up Trust wallet just now to find my DOT balance is now 350mil DOT, $1.5bil, I wish this was true, but sadly not the case, any ideas what’s happened? I see no transfers into my account for this amount, glitch in Trust wallet or DOT chain?


Same… Pretty bizarre. Really freaked me out

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same for you, 350mil DOT?

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Yes, but on the explorer my balance is still what it used to be it’s just displaying really high in trust Wallet

Strange, seems to be an issue, a lot of people on telegram group discussing it too

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See your wallet on etherscan.io you can check your own coin if no showing on trust wallet

I saw also big amount of DOT tokens . Finnaly I lost some mine Polkadot Tokens!

Mayb you guy recieve giveaway for holding dot… I dont have any… My balance is stil zero

Hi @along007,

The issue regarding incorrect the balance is now fixed. Please refresh and double-check, let me know if it’s ok already.


All fixed now thank you everyone

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