Polkadot transation failed how can i fix it?

Trust wallet app version: 1.27.0
Crypto address: 14VGTEcwKz4y2ETzADcRt4ouwJ9JkkU9DpE3bByWCZ3DXtD8
Transaction id: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer
Transaction hash: 0xa999f6cadeb97db463c61e249730232dcefd7fb71dad48db894a3f3671cad902
Polkadot Transaction failed!

Hi @Geekman,

The tx failed since you need to send more than 1 DOT in order to activate the recipient wallet.

Hi there,

Similar problem occured with me, while i want to transfer to my Binance wallet. I have transferred dots worth 24.09 USD but there is some error. Meanwhile the dots have been deducted from wallet.

The transaction details are as below,


Shall be grateful for your input

Hello @AliNoor,

You need to transfer more than 1 DOT to that wallet since it needs to be activated as well.

Hi, Thanks for the message. But as you can see the transfer was more than 20 USD already.

USD pricing is not relevant. As mentioned earlier, you need to transfer at least 1 DOT or more, since the recipient wallet needs to be activated.

Forgive me, got your point now. I think the loss might not be recover able