Poly to trustwallet

I have some Shib on the poly network in dharma wallet. I need to move it to trust wallet but I am not sure what address to send it to in the trust wallet app. Is there a way to get my tokens from the poly network to trust wallet?


Hello @blade007
You can send them to your Polygon address which is the same as your Ethereum address and after sending, add the token as a custom token.

Hi Jenny
Do you have the steps? I already made one mistake with one token already and don’t want to lose these
I appreciate it

You can copy your Polygon receiving address and send there.

So I think I got it in. It shows as Shiba Inu (PoS) but there is no value. Is there any way to get that to show up?

Please read this:

that guy was a scammer trying to impersonate a mod right?
I thought so.
I have the token in the wallet but there is no price associated with it.
Any way to fix that?

Yes that was a scammer and he is now banned.
It appears the SHIBA token doesn’t have a price on the Trust app for the Polygon network.
I already attached an article in my previous comment.

ok, so nothing can be done about that?
I also have vera in my wallet with no price and then vera with the current price but i can’t seem to move my tokens to that so i can get a price. I think I might have added it as the token as a custom token instead of using the trust wallet token. Is there any way to move it? I did try moving it another wallet, removed the custom one then send it back using the receive address of the trust wallet one but it went to the custom token. That is the last issue I have

Also I have removed my wallet and re-imported it back and they are still in the wrong token group without a price. Hope there is a way to move then to the correct token