Polygon Listing Proposal


A proposal for integrating Polygon to Trust Wallet has been posted on the Trust Wallet Governance portal. Polygon is currently the leading Ethereum scaling solution. Its PoS commit chain is currently live, production ready and supports 500+ DApps.

Supporting the Polygon network opens an array of blue-chip DeFi, Gaming and NFT projects that will be accessible to the Trust Wallet community. The growing ecosystem of DApps and users spread across the globe will help Trust Wallet further grow its community.


You can see more details about the proposal by opening this link .
For iOS users, you can still vote by using WalletConnect.


For Android users, you can just go right ahead and access the proposal directly thru the Trust Wallet Governance Dapp . Here is a guide: https://community.trustwallet.com/t/how-to-vote-in-trust-wallet-governance

Reminder, only those who are holding $TWT prior to the snapshot will be able to cast their votes. Voting ends on July 15 at 4:00 AM UTC.


Do not have $TWT on your wallet? Try our online poll.
This will not be a basis for the listing.

  • Yes, add Polygon Network!
  • No, add something else.

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