Portfolio allocation

Hey guys, was wondering what’s your guys current portfolio allocation?
I myself hold about 20% BTC, 20% ETC and the rest alts, de-fi, niche projects and really experimental stuff (around 10-15% each category).
You know about alts and de-fi, and I define niche projects as something with a strong but very specific use case. And experimental is just stuff I find interesting and revolutionary with no idea if it finds adoption anytime soon :smiley:


Hi, my strategy is more conservative: 40BTC/40BUSD(Any stable)/10ETH/5BNB/REST - 5% of top alts (LTC, NEO, XLM), then lowcaps & niche projects - Grin, LBTC, Loki, TWT etc. But its because i got zoocrypro in past).