Post Needs Approval

I know the community rules and follow the rules, but always awaiting approval why ?


To me it happens when ever I mention the token, or its abbreviation. I won’t mention it now so this post can go through


Yeah it’s kind of annoying. But I guess posts need to be approved by moderators before posting because some posts may contain content that’s against twt policy.


I understand, thank you


always awaiting approval why? My new topic


It need to be checked for approval and

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Yeah sometimes i experience too

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Sometimes its happens with me also but not always.

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I have similar experience but I think the moderators just want to make sure that the doesn’t contain any offensive words which is against the rules of the community

Thank you for your contribution, it also happens to me the same and I understand that it may also be because of the event and that many entered just for that.

I understand it’s a kind of check on the posts that members make. Once you key in some words or abbreviations, it automatically brings out -Post Needs Approval.

The moderators wants to be sure the posts that contains key Community words, abbreviations, etc, will be to the general interest of the Community.