Problem in a transaction with Saitama

I have in my wallet 0.28 ETH (around US $ 125).
On 04/11/2021 via Uniswap I tried in vain to buy the Saitama tokens all day with a maximum limited to 0.18 ETH.
This 5/11 morning I set the maximum limit at 0.179 ETH (around US $ 80) and the transaction is validated with an astonishing number of tokens obtained.
I was debited 0.179 ETH and got only 0.1666 Saitama Tokens (i.e. 0 $US).
Thank you for your help.

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I’m sorry, an error in the amount of ETH, you should read:
0.028 ETH
0.018 ETH
0.0179 ETH


Hello @Avy this is not an app issue. Contact platform used during swapping for support.

Do you mesn that I’m in the wrong place? Please expalin where i must post it ?