Problem in creating a new wallet - iOS


I tried to follow your guide but the app on ios doesnt allow me to follow it. It skipps step 3 and therefore i am not able/allowed to chose a 12 word password. I get sent to the same screens no matter if i press „create a new wallet“ or „i already have a wallet“ which means i cant create a new one. Please also refer to the 3 screens i attached which i get passed through after clicking „create a new wallet“.

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Hello @DK_92 To better assist, please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version

  2. Where did you download the App from? Share link here please.

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  1. Version 7.9

  2. Downloaded it per link on trust wallet homepage, via Appstore ( sorry cant add a link to the post)

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@DK_92 can you confirm you downloaded from this site:

Also, share us a Video showing whole process and upload to Google drive or any other video sharing platform and share public links here.


Yes i can confirm that i downloaded it from that side

Well, i clicked „create new wallet“ and than i got the three screen one after the other from above

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I am having the same issue, when I try to create a new wallet I go to the same import screen as DK_92.

Hi @estk @DK_92

Please be informed that the devs will release a fix for this ASAP. I’ll let you know once it is released. Thank you for your patience~ :clinking_glasses:

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I have absolutely the same problem. When I try to create new wallet, I get import screen

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Hello @DK_92 @estk new update has been released. Go to AppStore and update, if problem persists let us know. Sorry for inconvenience we’ve caused.

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