Problem in withdrawing TWT

I have a problem in withdraw my TWT BEP20 balance
when I try to withdraw my TWT BEP20 balance to external wallet I receive
this message insufficient BNB to cover network fee although I have
about 1 BNB in my BNB balance . WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ?


Swap your BNB to Binance Smart Chain and do your transaction

search for Binance Smart Chain and enable it in your Trust Wallet.


I have tried swapping BNB to BNB smart chain. Yet it’s not working.
If you are one of the developers, could you please tell them to charge their network fee from the available token. They are making life miserable for their customers


My friend nobody can do anything with your account. This is a non-custodial wallet and you need to learn a bit to move your funds around. This applies with not only TrustWallet but with every other Blockchain wallet.

First thing first, never ever share your Seed/Mnemonic phrase or private key.

How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet

Try this and it should work if you follow it carefully. Please feel free to shout for help.

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Try updating your app… Download trustwallet from the trustwallet website


Guys im new here, how to post a question?

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OK , thank you . I do that and solve the problem


There are basically one good solution I will give to you…

Navigate around and read more topics there are alot to learn in the community and am still learning it’s does magic :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Then after you’ve got through those and still confused you can get more clarification.

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I don’t think there is anything impossible here.Trust wallet and her community doing great work ok .

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It’s a great community by the end of this year there will be influx of people that will double the users currently here we will do well to spend our appetite to learn faster in order to help others coming in due to the wide acceptance of cryptocurrency adoption currently.

Hello everyone, I need help, I made a sensational mistake, I transferred the TWT token from the Binance platform to my Trust Wallet app without entering the Smart Chain, now I have my TWT Bep20 tokens on the trust wallet but it does not allow me to exchange them for other tokens. what could i do to recover my sums on the TWT token?

Hi @domyl your TWT funds is not lost.

  1. Enable your Smart Chain in your Trust Wallet app

2.Deposit a small amount of BNB Smart Chain in order to swap your TWT.

Option 3. if you have BNB in your Trust Wallet app swap it to Binance Smart Chain and complete your TWT swap.

I don’t understand Smart Chain coin, is it the same as BNB? is it transferable and tradable on binance?


When I try to withdraw found then showing “missing tx blob”


Which token are you trying to withdraw and which network so we can properly understand you and assist you properly.

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I did try to send Ltc from trust app to my payeer ltc wallet

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Yes same Bnb, but works differently

Bnb bep2 has different address, and bep20 use your ETH address inside trust wallet, you can use Bnb bep2 to trade inside trust wallet by using Binance dex and bep20 can be use in dapp eg pancakeswap etc.

You can send your bep2 Bnb to Binance and send back to trust wallet as bep20, moreover you can also use the bridge inside trust wallet to swap between.

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And what happen when you try send?

Kindly check if it’s thesame network as you can’t send using another network okay and kindly ensure you have enough to pay for your transaction fee.

Sometimes many trust wallet users create Eth wallet only not Mult wallet, they will have this problem if they send any bep20 to trust wallet.

Here is the solution, make sure you have backup your seed, then try recovery your wallet by pressing settings inside trust wallet, then click Mult wallet you see this at the top not Ethereum.

Once done it will ask for your seed, type it correctly with lower case then click import, you should see all your bep20 tokens.

Or you Uninstall Trust wallet, Download it again but make sure you download the right wallet,

Then click I have wallet before, click Mult wallet, then type your seed… You will see your bep20 token.

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