Problem in withdrawing TWT

Showing “missing tx blob” can you help me to resolve that problem?

If we uninstall the app then we will lost all our balances you know ? We cannot replace that balance to new download app (same trust app)

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I just might not understand your question.

Do you mean if we uninstall trustwallet without backing up our recovery phrase yes we could loss our phones but if you did backed up your phrase keys you can retrieve your wallet and all funds within the wallet.

When I try to send my found then showing popup “missing tx blob”
what the f**k 2 more days waiting no reply please tell me this(trust wallet) is scam?

Cannot send ticket also when I click submit after typed my issue then it’s show error “provide wallet address cannot be blank” what the funny there only have to write “Email/subject/issue/description” here where I can provide my wallet address

100% Scam I will only wait more than 24 hours if not resolved my problem I will give complaint to … and make scam reviews on trustpilot/every social media/make youtube video/give very bad review on App Store/ much more

I will post bad reviews about TRUST WALLET again and again on all social media by auto post because I don’t like to loose money anyone here I will alert all members

Remember you need to download real Trust wallet app, I have never experienced any issues like this on the app.

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