Problem with SMART CHAIN BNB

I use binance to exchange my dogecoins, binance have an option to select BNB smart chain with low fee, well i do the transaction bt It doesn’t show up in my wallet.

Hi @LaTourrete,

Please tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen, search for Dogecoin, and enable the one with BEP20. You can also follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin

If it’s not searchable, please enter this in the search bar: 0xbA2aE424d960c26247Dd6c32edC70B295c744C43

Done, bt i have a little problem here. I can’t pass my 97 doges back to binance, it says it doesn’t own enough smartchain.
It is frustrating because I am new and technically he tells me that I must recharge to be able to pass my doges to binance … he does not allow me to discount the only currency that I have in my wallet, the doges.
Can u help me with the fees in BNB :frowning: im really new in this.

and this is the message

What is your Smart Chain BNB address (it looks like this one)? Please send it here.

is this 0xdc2033cd80F8B67C239a8a59e5aa3704073FC381

Thanks for providing the smart chain address. Now, try to send it back to Binance, take a screenshot of the confirm page with the network fee in it, then upload the screenshot here.

Its here.

Try to send it back to Binance

buenas dentro de trusht wallet hice una compra de 100 dolares con saldo de safemoon para comprar BnB chain aparece el envio . pero no me refleja la transaccion en BnB , ALGUIEN SABE COMO REVERTIR ESA OPERACION?

I transferred to an unrecognized crypto direct from BNB to the unrecognized without using pancake swap. The status shows complete but the tokens are BSCscan and the stays shows transfer now for 7 days. How can I get those back to BNB?