Problem with swap BTC-ETH

Hello! My transaction is stacked on the very first step, because of to low fees as I think. It was 2 days ago and the transaction just gets more far in the queue, and I afraid that the swap wouldn’t complete at all

App version is 8.2.7
The transaction: Bitcoin / Transaction / dc7dd4bd8014f6cd596d3cd736ee0e0c4417febbe13456dbdf5ba0053e967a7f — Blockchair

@Throisarrath Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do regarding this, you’d need to wait till it’s confirmed.

What will happen if the transaction will never be added to any block? I afraid that fees will not go to the 59 satoshi level

@Throisarrath Your transaction will either be sent or dropped back to your wallet.
Although it’s not really a Trust wallet issue.

Got you, thanks. Although it is a problem of trust wallet, since I used the app feature and was not able to set transaction parameters myself

Hi Tobi,
i’m experiencing the same problem. I swapped BTC to ETH and it took days before the transaction was completed. upon the completion, i didn’t receive the ETH. it went to my transaction history that i’ve received BTC but it wasn’t added to my balance. please kindly help.


Trust Wallet Version 11.4.1 (996)

@herloss Can you provide your receiving address and the transaction hash?

the receiving address turn to this

but it still didn’t reflect in my BTC

@herloss Can you check your transactions on the blockchain explorer and see if you received or not. Link is below