Problem with TON address of an imported wallet


  1. Since I wanted a 24-words protected wallet, I generated a multicurrency wallet with SafePal and then I imported it into Trust Wallet.
  2. I bought some TONs from inside Trust Wallet (both app and Chrome extension).
  3. Account balance on Trust Wallet shows correctly my TONs, however SafePal shows 0$.

While troubleshooting the problem I noticed the TON address in Trust Wallet is different from the one generated on SafePal when the multicurrency wallet was originally created.

So, basically, using the same 24-words generated two different TON addresses.

I see SafePal is using BIP39/44 mnemonic phrase standard, which is the same used by Trust Wallet so both apps should generate the same TON address but actually it isn’t.

I’m actually confused: why the TON address is different? Which one is the right one? Do I risk losing my TONs if I restore the wallet using my 24 keywords in another application?

Any help appreciated!


@qu3 Trust wallet may have different derivative path for tokens than other wallets.

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