Problem with withdrawing funds from the wallet

I am new to the world of cryptocurrencies. I learn everything slowly and I have a question.
I would like to withdraw funds from the trust wallet. I have $ 30 ethereum and 20 BNB. I keep getting the error that I do not have enough funds to payout. I would like to transfer the funds to the binance. I am asking for advice on what to do in such a situation. greetings

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Everyday begins a new story as we progress you will understand how it works and mind you it is simple. Dm me if you want some more clarifications

1- ERC20 network transaction fees are high. Your BNB balance may not be sufficient.
2- With BNB in ​​the BSC network, the transaction fee is paid. No transaction fee is paid with BNB in ​​the other BEB2 network.

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