Problems Vra, send kucoin, did not arrive and did not return to the wallet.

Hello, I have a little problem.

I transferred myself from your VRA wallet. A lot of days pass, and where I wanted to send it is not.

I wrote to the bottom bracket but got a reply from them that they have not yet been sent from you

I was written by the support of the exchange to which I wanted to send:

As you may know, each ERC20 token has its own unique and accessible contract ID, which you can check on the etherscan blockchain. Your deposit cannot be transferred to your KuCoin account as the token you are depositing is an old contract token that is no longer supported in KuCoin. We kindly recommend that you confirm with the shipping platform that it has sent a new contract token to your shipping address. If the result is positive, you can try to improve it and then send a new contract token to your KuCoin account. If the result is negative, confirm if it can help upgrade it to the new token after returning the old contract token back to the sending address. You can contact us aga!

Hi @Portek721,

Per Verasity’s guidelines, you have to send it to the VeraWallet so it will be swapped:

Unfortunately, since you already sent the tokens to KuCoin, they cannot be recovered (not unless KuCoin is willing to do so). Confirmed transactions in the blockchain are irreversible.

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thank you for the answer, I am writing continuously with a kucoin support