Project Verification

Hello all. Am new here. There’s a project called MyhthicX(MTCX2) and MythicUSD(MTUSD). Both of these projects are from one team and both are approved on trust wallet, with logos. However, am still having my doubts because the project website has been down for the past four days. The owner told the community that the site is undergoing a maintenance. But then no one has heard an update again from the CEO of MYTHIC (Richard Tham). Now am very worried. And most importantly, these projects, we’re told, were approved by Trust wallet team and both are listed.
I would like to be clarified on this as I am a loyal user of trust wallet and I don’t believe any false project would be welcome by the hard working and trust worthy team.

Thank you.

When a token shows up on Trust Wallet, logo and all, it does not necessarily mean that we backed them up.
These projects are free to submit their token logos for it to be added on the Assets repository of Trust Wallet.
This is a public database that anyone can view and request to add a token.


Ok. Thanks, I get it now