Promoting adoption of Trust Wallet in India

Guys, I am writing down my idea for increasing adoption in India. If you have valuable inputs, please do write in the replies:

India is still getting into Crytpo scene and there is huge potential for investement/trading as Indians are tech savvy, adopters and are huge in numbers. WazirX , the most used crypto exchange in India currently has been taken by Binance and Binance also owns Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet should use this relationship to get more adoption in India by various promotions, AMA with Viktor, Giveaways (everyone loves them) .

The current policy does not allow purchasing crypto using Bank cards (Debit/Credit) and all transactions are blocked. Thus, the current referrals system of USD 50, doesn’t work in India. To be honest, I can buy USD 50 worth of Crypto like anything but I can’t. This incentive doesn’t work for Indians and Trust Wallet is losing a huge chunk of potential adopters and catching them early. The incentive should be switched to making few transactions - Swap or DeFi so that only those users are rewarded which are active.

I have also given these suggestions to Viktor personally amongst others and I hope he uses the idea and moves quickly.

Cheers !


Good point. I am sure if the swap/dex feature was used to evaluate transactions and also qualify those who are best to earn through rrefs, alot of people will join


Brilliant content. I really hope your complaints and suggestions would be considered. Global adoption is a must


Great post … i think as you said, Indian poeple can add a lote of value to the trust Wallet proyect … Keep sharing tour ideas maybe the team Contact you for more colaboration