Proposal for Governance Voting User Interface

In order to boost user participation in token governance, we need a UI that will allow users to vote on proposals. This UI could reflect voting power of token owner based on number of tokens held relative to the circulating supply. UI could reflect proposal state and relevant info such as voting period, grace period, in que, processing, completed. There could be a detailed form for submitting proposals. Voting could also be restricted to users who stake their TWT in order to earn membership into a sort of council. Iā€™m sure theres a bunch of other things here, but wanted to get this conversation started.


In order to stake, the token has to have value, hope they take this into consideration.

The token has value. It currently trades for .0042418. +9% in 24 hours.

For real? I had no idea. They claim its not tradeable. Trust wallet has a staking feature, the potential of utilizing the token can run the gamut.

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