Provide More Options to Fiat Gateway

Please try to localise trust wallet by bringing to even to the last person in the village… honestly trust wallet is best but improve on the different ways of purchasing crypto. Like card payments, local bank transfer, mobile money payments.
Try to do what binance is doing in Uganda…we buy crypto with our mobile money P2P service providers.
Then after localising, try to lower the minimum from 250 to 100 dollars.
Coins like raven have no option of being bought except being received just.


What languages would you like us to localize? We currently support over 20 different languages and have to support more. (Or I might have a wrong understanding of localization?)

Can you elaborate what can we do better as decentralized wallet in Uganda?

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Not language, just the way luno did…allow trust wallet to be as local as luno… Let us buy fiat by bank transfer or mobile money

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Trust Wallet has an option to buy cryptocurrencies via credit card and debit card.
More information here:

Deposits from bank is not currently possible with Trust Wallet as the app is completely decentralized.
No funds are stored on the wallet, everything is on the blockchain.
The app acts as a bridge to connect to the network.

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