Provision and addition of an address book in trust wallet app

So, I’ve made a little research about Trust Wallet App users to see how is it all going.

I’ve received a number of very good feedbacks from old users. However, The trust wallet app itself is currently making a slow buildup of discontent from new users.

Majority of the cause was primarily from sent coins/tokens to a wrong address and the inability to recover them (which is the mere reality if you sent to an address which you do not own).

So, as quick suggestion to mitigate this problem is a provision of an address book inside the trust wallet app where users can set and save their mostly used addresses or even family member’s addresses. Or employee’s addresses. It could be good for new users.

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Careful what you wish for…

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It’s will be good really.

Though for some highly sensitive individuals they might think of this one as a way to compromise security. :thinking:

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