Pump without volume = Price manipulation

At a time like this, many coins and tokens are pumping, it is good for everyone to tread carefully when it comes to select a project to invest in.
One of the things you should consider when you want to invest in a project is the volume expecially when it has pumped ridiculously. If it has pumped really hard and there is no good volume, then the price must have been manipulated. Take good note of this.
Don’t get me wrong, a project without volume today can have good volume tomorrow if they do their homework right but good you watch before you leap as an investor.
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Great info For new comers for the crypto space.

Many a times, going with volume rather than price is the key.
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Before buying any coin must we should check the trading volume of that coin


Thanks for the knowledge

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Agreed. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH community.

Don’t use emotion!
Don’t let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) cloud your judgement!
Know your limits!

I would recommend you start with researching $TWT. Binance inherently provides immense potential for being LONG in $TWT. But don’t listen to me, research it yourself.

- Xian
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