Purchased Shiba bep20 from binance and transferd to trust walletbuy

@UnknownAnalyst you have to enable SHIB BEP20 not ERC20. Tap on top right corner and search SHIBA then switch on SHIBA BEP20 manually. This guide can help too: How to Add or Remove a Coin

Great! Thank you! It displays me SHIB now! But the value is not reflected in the balance?

@UnknownAnalyst there is an issue with SHIB BEP20 price display currently. Our developers are aware and they are working on it.

Okay thank you. I wasn’t clear on whether or not there were two separate issues 1) not showing up at all and 2) value reflected. I’m totally okay waiting for #2. Thanks! And good luck, devs!

Hello and thanks, will at some point Shiba inu BEP20 show its price in dollars? Is it safe buying it instead of buying ERC20?