Purchasing twt with btc

Hello trust fam, I would really love to get some wisdom/knowledge from you guy’s pertaining to this…

For the past few days now I’ve been abit curious as to whether I should purchase TWT with BTC & is it a wise move to use BTC in accumulating TWT… My belief in the trust wallet token is that this token has great potential and can be almost comparable to binance bnb token in terms of a broader use case, rather than just being the utility token on trustwallet platform…

So basically I would love to get feed backs from the trust community on whether is it wise to use BTC to acquire TWT ?


For now, I think you can only use BNB for that. If you have wrapped BTC on BSC, then you can buy TWT from their directly or an automated market Maker.

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Trade your BTC to bnb on binance.com, withdraw your bnb to your wallet and use builtin dex to swap from bnb to twt