PYTH withdraw does not work, transaction infinite pending

@Tobi,i have problem with PYTH coin withdraw, because transaction is always in infinite pending status, in solscan it looks like something strage, it seems to be trust wallet does not create transaction in proper way. Screens bellow.
P.S. how to speed conversation with developers ?


@bibijke That transaction hash doesn’t exist.
Do you get the error before sending out or after sending out?


I have the same problem, there’s a solution or something to do? After transaction, I’m in pending and in solscan there is no data?? What to do

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@Vakhidi Please submit a ticket through your Trust app or at
To reduce response times from customer support, please include the following info in the ticket:

App version, device model, wallet address, TX hash (if available), and the blockchain + assets you’re experiencing the issue with, and any relevant screenshots or videos to duplicate the error.

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