Quantum resistant scalable blockchains with Privacy

Recent issues have shown that Blockchain transactions are not truly private and users/owners have been traced by the authorities. There is metadata linked to transactions and with quantum computers being deployed there is a security risk to the platforms unless they are upgraded.

All of these issues are addressed by an upcoming project called Xx Network. It has a messenger Elixxir and software development is based on Praxxis. It is lead by one of the world famous cryptographer - David Chaum. He is credited for building the first digital cash currency in 1980s and has seen the inherent risks the current chains carry.

Are there more projects that are futuristic and are being built with widescale adoption and vision?


Intresting, will google info on them later. While leave you couple of things too, to mind about:
There is a small scale, yet running at full speed Loki network, blockchain solution made by some not so titled guys, but they already wrote a Session messanger, that is a cool app)
While 1 thing in all that quantum stuff is still i dont understand:
How they want to protect with today technology from quantum computer they never see and never before test all of his power.
But they are scientist, while iā€™m not)


Thanks @Kikcha I will look for Loki.