Question about gas fee

I made a swap on the site and all attempts were unsuccessful, but for some reason, I was charged a fee. Solve this problem, please. I have lost more than $ 200-250.

0x6d18759d940fe1bcb05ceacb81e14b648ec0667cd76d55d020f8337d08e2342d, 0x278b9a65bb8938fcd60691979da2eb94e830888d8b7b337301e59ea2dfd95f14, 0x4f0f57adf278ff3cd73287728d0d6fcb621ba495a65a38cd5df02e9d667da553, 0xe1d08a3036918c622f8d3dd373d8b336f678ab133415fdbd0d0cd537fd60aad1, 0x2f7e4c72331a8057fb8e8a56e54259d4bf3b99303ac5affca15efa900554d9e9

what should I do?

Thanks in advance

Hello please note that the app does not charge a fee but there is a network fee that will be paid to the miners ( even if there is a failed transaction).

Once you try and send an amount, it automatically calculates the fees.

Learn more here: