Question about OSMO Staking Rewards


I recently started staking some OSMO coins via Trust Wallet. I know there are other wallets and ways to earn by staking OSMO, but I wanted to use Trust Wallet as I already have other crypto assets in it. However, after I staked my coins, I did not see a “rewards” column appear as it normally does when I have staked other coins on trust wallet. (Please see attached image for further clarification. White boxes are to keep amounts private) .

How do I see how much I am earning in rewards? How do I claim my rewards? Am I even going to earn rewards?

Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated. Like I stated above, I made the decision to go the extra mile to stake the OSMO on trust wallet because I wanted all my crypto stakes in one wallet. Thanks

The rewards tab popped up for OSMO a couple hours ago. Still does not seem to be earning a balance though

I’ve been getting rewards. It only changes every 24 hrs unlike my other stakes that update constantly. I css as my claim my rewards now. It says I don’t have enough funds, I have more than enough for the fees. Let me know if you have the same issue please.


@headtrama this issue is known and team is working on fix. It’ll be fixed on next app release. We’ll notify you once it is available.

Awesome thank you for response. Any idea on rough estimate on release date?

I’m having a similar issue. Cannot unstake OSMO on my Trust Wallet, keeps giving me an error:

“The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format. Code: 404”

Any clues as to how could this be fixed? Thank you in advance


I also have an issue with Osmo to obtain rewards from stacking. Same problem of fee even if i have enough to pay it.
Thank you for your work anyway!
Hope the issue will be solved soon.

@Amir135 OSMO staking issue will be fixed soon. Team is working on it.