Question about TONE (the new TFD)

Previously you could store TFD (TE-FOOD) in Trust Wallet. I never owned any so didn’t need such. But I purchased some recently and then TE-FOOD swapped out TFD (now gone) to their new TONE token. Mine got changed on the exchange.

Question: I can’t find TONE (nor the old TFD) listed in my Trust Wallet as assets that I can store. So, will Trust Wallet be updating to allow TONE storage?

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Hi @ravecoh,

TE-FOOD (TFD) is now updated to TE-FOOD/TustChain (TONE). The app is now using the latest smart contract which is 0x2ab6bb8408ca3199b8fa6c92d5b455f820af03c4. Thanks for letting us know about the swap, cheers!


Hey, iamdeadlyz, thanks for the quick fix.

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