Quick Payment Button

Add a large, easily accessible quick payment button on the main screen of the wallet. Clicking button should open QR scanner to scan details of a single payment - currency, amounts, memo or title and all other data encoded in QR code. After scanning the wallet would display transaction confirmation screen. User should be allowed to edit such payment details only after confirmation he/she wants to do so. Otherwise editing should be disabled.


Thank you for your suggestion. We are considering design changes on main screen by adding send and receive buttons and now working on providing you best user experience.


Thank so much for detail. ,:blush:


Is there a chance the “Pay” or “Scan QR” button will be added to existing three buttons on the main screen or the idea has been rejected?
Currently whenever you want to make payment to the seller you need to you have to pick the currency, click pay and and fill the form manually or scanning QR code. I think it would be really great to have option to make payment from main menu without taking so many unnecessary steps.