Re: crypto is there, but zero dollar balance showing

Hey there,

I have all my individual coin / chain totals showing properly, in my “multi-coin wallet”… However the individual and cumulative dollar currency totals are showing as $0. I am using an Samsung Galaxy S22 android phone with updated trust wallet app.

I was alerted to this issue by a friend who has an apple ISO phone with the same trust wallet app issue. I also see this issue happening on my chrome / browser trust wallet plugin, that has the same wallet address attached. I have tried refreshing and restarting my device… same result.

Im not that alarmed because i can see the balances on the individual chains block explorers.

Anyone else experiencing this ?


Hello @Arm123
The issue has been reported and the Devs are working on a fix.


I got the same problem since two hours ago. I think this is a little bug and nothing to worried about.