Read this before sending Wrapped/Pegged Tokens

Before you send a token, you need to know a few important things:

  • Does the receiving wallet support the token you are sending?
  • Does the crypto exchange support the token and its specific blockchain?
  • Are you sending a wrapped/pegged token?

Why is it important to know these?

  • Blockchain transactions are irreversible
  • The receiving wallet might not be able to show the crypto you have sent
  • Your crypto could be lost forever

Wrapped / Pegged Tokens?

There is a thing called Wrapped Tokens, which is simply defined as a tokenized version of another crypto. It is further explained on this article: What are Wrapped Tokens?

What happens if I send these wrapped tokens to a wallet/exchange that does not support it?

  • Your crypto will be lost forever.
  • The Trust Wallet team cannot help you recover them.
  • The receiver cannot help you either.

How to identify these wrapped/pegged tokens?

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