Receive address the same for 4 different tokens?

Hi. Brand new user with a beginner question. I set up my Trust Wallet and added some custom tokens ie Evergrow, Nobility and Binance-Peg BUSD thru youtube video tutorials. That seemed to go fine as all are listed with their various correct icons. When I click on the Receive button on each of these three tokens (and BNB Smart Chain), I note that the Receive address is exactly the same: all begin with 0x595 and end with 2046. Is this correct? How can the Receive address be the same for four different tokens?

Separate but related: if I receive reflections from say Evergrow and Safemoon, which would be sent to my BUSD, how can I tell which amount is from which coin?

Hello @cryptostavros
ETH, BSC and Polygon (Matic) blockchain in Trust Wallet have same wallet addresses because they share same deviation path, also to avoid mixup during receiving crypto.
Also when you receive tokens to your address, they will be reflected in your wallet.

Thanks for your response. I understand now that they would have the same address. If I am receiving daily or weekly BUSD from multiple sources ie Evergrow, Nobility, etc, via reflections, is there a way to tell how much is from which source?

Hello @cryptostavros
When you receive any token, they will be reflected under the respective coins even though they have the same address

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