Receive an NFT, not showed in Collectibles

I have just receive an NFT, not showed in Collectibles.

My TrustWallet version is 2.4 run on Android
Transaction hash is

Wallet address is

It’s just show empty collectibles screen

Thanks in advanced

Check hidden tab, happend to me. Use unhide command or something like that.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.
Where is the button/options for hidden tab? cant find any

Hello im having the same issue, i got transfered an NFT and i can’t see it in my app. I can see it in my OpenSea Account and the NFT is visible. What can i do?

@lukolivari Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).

address: 0x397b8B6814Fe2C2729cA8D47E357523b85e98Cd9

transaction hash: 0x5324bcbb1b2d97a2e9acc3a96ae05e348843be8716837a0ca8b7e9285b3f3456

do i need to do this with every nft transfer?

@lukolivari this is polygon NFT, currently Trust wallet doesn’t support Polygon NFTs. It can’t be displayed.

Hi Alan,

please your help. my NFT nt showed in collectibles.

Tx : 0x9f8a2e4cb1e68f10afcd941ecb7c041c573f1d5fc39d7ce5729d4d40d55f8ab7 (BSC)

wallet address : 0x5464220e59c4d32233f072b12685ae39144591a2

trust wallet version : 5.43 (Android )

@Lutfan only NFTs/collectibles with verified contracts can be displayed in the app.

Hi @Alan47 we have verified contract of NFTs. could you please validate. or let me know what you mean with verified contracts. is it verified in bsc or trust wallet?

@Lutfan NFT contract (0x62bC5ddD1D2Fa4D51a0FafcAB80D8e1234706E9f) is not verified on BSC

@Alan47 could you please validate again. since we our NFT contract is verified on BSC.


Contract Source Code Verified (Exact Match)

Contract Name:


Compiler Version


Optimization Enabled:

No with 200 runs

Other Settings:

default evmVersion, MIT [license]