Received from

Hello can you help me too please. I didn’t receive BNB coins that I transferred from

Hello @yasinhasbay I can’t understand your issue. Transaction hash funds above shows you sent your funds to exchange address.

Can you send correct wallet address used and correct transaction hash please?

What is exchange address? Oh did I send it to the wrong address? Is there a way to take it back?

@yasinhasbay funds transferred from this address (0x48702a5ac7d622850dfce1b5b3b9a9cd6286a0ac) to 0x0d0707963952f2fba59dd06f2b425ace40b492fe

Can you identify which one is your address among above addresses?

This is my gateio adress which I send my transfers from (0x48702a5ac7d622850dfce1b5b3b9a9cd6286a0ac)

but I don’t recognize the other adress that transfer was sent to. What can I do in this situation? It might be one of my wallet addresses

You’ve successfully withdrawn 2080.00000000 VET to the address .
Your withdrawal address is 0x593Ed522de9Ed7C94d2021ea64DA8244654943c6,txid is 0x54fd2d49f99706f1b59e7c7fea274849bfffd7dc21096d28ca5cd1ed72f60a8f

Sir I do not understand what should I do to get the coin back, I have also tried as you said

@yasinhasbay we have nothing to do about that. Contact gate if they can help.