Received lower amount of tokens in Swap

recently Swapped about 2.3 BNB (Binance) coins for 93 AVA ( coins. The transactions took place at around 4 a.m. eastern standard time, on February 25th, 2021.

At the time, 1 BNB was worth around $305 CAD (Canadian dollars) and 1 AVA was worth around $4.20 when I made the swap. I only received about 102 AVA in exchange for my 2.3 BNB. I should have received at least 166 AVA in exchange on the DEX Swap!

I’m missing close to $270 CAD less, worth in in AVA coins. I have taken a couple of videos to show you the glitch. I will share it once you’ve approved my post. I tried the same procedure on Binance and it gave me an equal amount for AVA/BNB or BNB using the DEX Swap. So there’s a problem on TrustWallet.

I hope that you can remedy this. I feel like I got robbed of my tokens. How can I Trust TrustWallet?


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