Recover usdt after sending it through a wrong token, sent via Huobi Eco Chain (HECO)

My friend sent me USDT from his Huobi wallet but unfortunately, he chose HECO token instead of ERC20. So I haven’t received it. Is there any way to recover the money?

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Hi @arashk7,

Did you intentionally type HECO? Also, please send the transaction hash or link that is given by Huobi.

Yes, unfortunatly we chose the wrong token.
transaction ID: 0x9f3de7e49f2e7a02947103dd4d6aa1ae7da6253056b83222f4711b3c971f9e67

I see. So you transacted via the Huobi Eco Chain: Huobi ECO Chain

You can try to get your recovery phrase from the Trust Wallet app then import it to Huobi wallet: (

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Thanks man
I successfully imported the wallet in Huobi.

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