Recovering assets sent through wrong network chain but correct address

I have sent peg-BUSD (bep20)from trust wallet to BUSD (Smatchain) Binance by error and its lost

Could you please provide steps to recover by assets back to my trust wallet or successfully move to Binance spot wallet

Details of transaction below

Hello @Sathyaprakashrj you transferred your BUSD directly to MEONG TOKEN smart contract.

Unfortunately, blockchain transactions can’t be reversed or cancelled once confirmed. Be careful next time double check before transacting.

I sent my USDT to wrong network but the transaction succesfull. how do i recover my usdt. please Help me to recover…
here my wallet address


this is the wallet address recieved my usdt token



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@Biboy1010 Does this wallet belong to you 0xbd707efbe0ce0b26b05ffb6095fc34e183d130a0 ?
If you do not own that wallet, then unfortunately there is nothing we can do regarding that.

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theres no chance to recover my token?? here my transaction i send to you a picture