Recovery deposit

Hi, a month ago I sent LTC from Binance to the trust wallet, and that gave me an address, and today I made a transaction to the address that I thought was mine and to my surprise it didn’t come back to Binance, there is a way to get it back ?

Hello it seems you have sent funds wrongly to an unknown address. If that is the case, unfortunately there is not much we can do as we can’t reverse transactions.

Thanks Jenny, but It is very strange because I got the address when I made the deposit myself via binance to the trust wallet.

When trying to send back to Binance, did you copy the address from your Binance app?

So, here’s the problem, after I checked and my LTC address at Binance was different.

Hi I sent BNB from my trust wallet to a Binanca wallet for over 10days now the person has not receive it what do I do?

Hi emmyfree or Go to Binance Chat sometimes its works.