Reddit Trust App scammer

I did use the send a message to mods on reddit to ask but didn’t get a reply.
I know there are some staff here on reddit as mods.

Basically there is at least 2 scammers on the subreddit (or 1 using 2 names) who message people and they give their info over and get scammed and lose their money.
I made a thread about it on there and I would love it to be pinned (or your own thread made) and pinned to warn people!
Another got scammed today which I added to my post.
The scammer carries on every day. Even I got a message from him once so they message everyone who asks for help on the reddit, trying to scam them.

New warning post
Original Warning post

Hi @ukheather,

I have replied to your DM. To repeat, we are planning to create assess and/or perhaps, create a megathread about it. Thank you for being vigilant!

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ok thanks.

So many lost their money due to people impersonating trust wallet.

I got one banned but there is another and they will keep doing it as they just message anyone that wants help and people give up their personal info to their wallet.
Lots of money has been lost.

I am not a mod on the subreddit so there is only so much I can do but I do think a pinned post at least would be a starting point.
Lots have messaged me saying they were going to give them info until they saw my post, but it slips down and people don’t see it.

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