Redelegation for all Cosmos Ecosystem tokens

Hello guys,

Today I faced a problem coming from 2 persons at a time. They wanted to redelegate KAVA tokens from one validator to another. This function is a defacto in Cosmos SDK and in the other cosmos wallets like Cosmostation, but I couldn’t find it in Trust Wallet. Please add this option to TrustWallet!

Reference to API
Cosmos RPC
CALL: /staking/redelegations

Thank you!


Re-delegation adds complexity to overall UX of using staking as you want it to make it simple and consistent across all bloclchains.

It’s a not common for most users to re-delegating, so it does not make sense to create a separate action for such action.

If someone wants to delegate to another validator, it would take two steps:

  • Undelegate
  • Delegate (wait 21 day once you are able to delegate again)

In this case it just adds one step to finish this. You don’t lose any rewards in such cases, just takes another step.

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@vikmeup I’d like to bring this topic up to the surface again. Sure it may not be common, but it is critical/important. Case being, I had delegated my ATOMs in the past to another validator A who has a lower reward % than validator B now. I want to switch to validator B.
But it’s horrible to undelegate (unbond), wait 21 days – in which no reward is being given, then rebond.

The option to rebond to another validator should definitely be there for people who know what they’re doing, and even for people who don’t.

Could you clarify this part? To my understanding, you don’t earn any rewards either during the 21 days period, which is significant if you’re unbonding a big chunk of ATOMs…

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It’s pretty much simple

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