Referral twt not received

Hello I have made referral my friend bought more than 50 USD , ago but we didn’t receive twt thanks for answer

Identifiant de commande


Envoi à


Referral adress



You told me investigation I am waiting since 9 Oct (Noted. Thanks for letting us know.

The team will investigate the issue so it might take some time, cheers!) Last message from you


Hi @azerbi

Upon checking, the backend team concluded that there are no purchases for the invited referral. Therefore, you didn’t receive any TWT during that time.

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thank you for your negative answer please assure that there was a purchase made with reference, it is not very honest but it does not matter I know that I am right and that you do not keep your promises without hard feelings


The team has double-checked the info that you provided, there is nothing to do anymore. Also, the referral program already ended. Good luck with other promotions, cheers!

Hi, I know that I am writing to you after the referral program has been over for some time, but I in my referral section had 3500 TWTs that are gone. I have never updated the trust wallet app in the hope of being able to move them into the wallet, but despite having repeatedly turned to support on telegram no one was able to help me.
Now the referral section no longer exists and I have lost the coins obtained. Couldn’t you check?

Hello @Marconee1999,

ALL eligible participants got the TWTs already. If you didn’t receive it, then better luck next time. There are other promotions and giveaways which you can check here: Announcements - Trust Wallet