Reimbursement Process for Lost Funds due to Hacks from Browser Extension WASM Vulnerability

We commit to make users whole when it’s due to our mistakes. We will reimburse all losses from exploits incurred from the vulnerability that impacted wallets created in the Browser Extension between November 14 2022 to November 23 2022. Only very limited number of addresses suffer from the exploits, and we have identified the full list already.

Who’s qualified for reimbursement?

  • Created the wallet addresses between November 14, 2022 and November 23, 2022 through Trust Wallet Browser Extension.
  • See the warning message specific to this vulnerability.
  • The fund loss fulfilled a hack pattern: Funds transferred from multiple unrelated wallet addresses affected by the WASM vulnerability to a single attacker address within a short period of time, usually the attacker will also transfer the funds into mixers like Tornado Cash.
  • Must pass the claim form verification process of ownership by Trust Wallet team.

What’s not qualified for reimbursement?

  • Addresses not suffering from this vulnerability.
  • If you only use Trust Wallet mobile apps.
  • If you only imported wallet addresses into Browser Extension.
  • If you only used the Browser Extension to create a new wallet before November 14, 2022 or after November 23, 2022.
  • Wallet addresses created outside of Trust wallet.
  • Fund movement does not fulfill the pattern to be considered a hack.
  • Fund loss is due to the user’s mishandling.
  • Any new funds transferring into the vulnerable wallet addresses after the WASM disclosure statement on 22 April 2023 8am UTC+0.

If you are one of the few victims qualified, please read the following steps of the reimbursement process and submit your claim:

  • Visit the claims page at | Trust Wallet.
  • Fill out and submit the claims form per instruction. Once you have submitted the form, our Customer Support Team will run the necessary validation checks.
  • If your claim is validated to prove your ownership over the wallet address, one of our Customer Support Leads will contact you with information on where and when you will receive your reimbursed funds.

Reimbursement Timeline: The reimbursement period is 60 days (until June 22nd 8AM UTC+0). The last date for claims will be June 22nd 8AM UTC+0. After this date, we will close this case for reimbursement and the claim form will no longer be available.

Payout of the reimbursement: A best-effort attempt will be made to pay out stolen balances in the original asset for native, layer-1 coins, and tokens listed by PancakeSwap and Uniswap. For affected assets not meeting these criteria, the USD value at the time of loss will be paid out in stablecoin.

Note: Reimbursement claims will only apply to new affected wallet addresses created directly in the Trust Wallet Browser Extension between November 14 2022 to November 23 2022. We took a snapshot of all affected wallet addresses at 8:00AM UTC+0 on April 22nd 2023 to determine who should be eligible for reimbursement. Any new funds moved into vulnerable wallet addresses after the WASM vulnerability disclosure statement at 8:00AM UTC on April 22nd 2023 will not be eligible.


How much time do I have to claim my lost funds?

  • The claims form will be available for 60 days (until June 22nd 8AM UTC+0). The last date for claims will be June 22nd 8AM UTC+0. After this date, we will no longer be able to process reimbursement claims.

How long will it take to receive my reimbursed funds?

  • We will make our best effort to send reimbursements as quickly as we can once a claim is validated. However, based on the circumstance, some cases make take 14 days or longer.

How do I know if any potential funds missing from my wallet are related to the vulnerability?

  • We have the exact list of all the wallet addresses affected by the vulnerability and the identified hacks in December 2022 and March 2023. The hack patterns suggest multiple addresses quickly drained within a short period of time into a single or a few wallets and usually went into mixers like Tornado Cash. If you are not sure, you can also submit a ticket via the claim form and we will be able to check.

Why haven’t I received a warning notification on TW Browser Extension?

  • If you haven’t received a notification, your wallet was not affected by this vulnerability and there is no further action needed.

I’m seeing the notification and I moved my fund to a secure location. Can I reimburse my gas fee?

  • Yes, please submit a claim for gas fee reimbursement here: | Trust Wallet