Release Notes - Android

Android 1.7.143

Major Changes:

  • Fixed Cosmos Balance. Available, Staked and Rewards are displayed
  • Tron Staking Rewards are now shown
  • Native Staking for Atom and Tezos
  • Improved Stability. Fixed some App crashes and bugs.

Android 1.7.150


  • Fixed issue with price not refreshing automatically.
  • Fixed missing coins/tokens that got hidden after previous update.


  • Moved Collectibles API to Blockatlas. Fixed missing NFTs.

Android 1.7.167

Major Changes:

  • ONT Staking is now available. You can claim ONG rewards.
  • Improved Deep Linking support.
  • Improved user experience for UTXO based blockchains. Now auto change address is disabled by default to avoid confusion for the new users. You can enable in Additional Settings (you have to enable passcode first) to improve privacy.
  • Add Tron (TRX) native staking
  • Fixed ETH Pending transactions

Small improvements:

  • Improve QR Scanner. Now you can scan all supported Deep Links.
  • Dust Error link added for explanation and solution.
  • Improve security and stability
  • Minor UI fixes